*Players must be 21 years old

*Players that have played college baseball must be out of school for 2 years 

*Players that have played professional baseball (at any level) must be out for 3 years

*Anyone playing twilight baseball is ineligible


Rosters/League Fee

*A roster of  is due to the league at the final pre season meeting

*A $700 league payment is also due at that meeting

*You may add or subtract to the roster until the final roster of 20 is due in July

*No additions for any reason will be accepted after that meeting 



*A pitcher/pitchers under age 29 may combine to pitch no more than a total of 4 innings per game. (This means 1 pitcher under 29 can throw 4 innings or 2 can throw 2 each, etc, etc)

*extra innings - innings 8 and 9 must be thrown by a player 29 or over  ; any additional innings can be throw by a player of any age 

Base Running

Running the Bases

* Baserunners must avoid contact with defensive players and slide direclty into the base on putouts. The baserunner is required to defer to the fielder. (Should the baserunner, in the judgment of the umpire violate this rule the offending baserunner shall be called out. In the event the defense was attempting to complete a double-play with a potential force out as the second out of the double-play both the offending baserunner and the would be forced runner will be called out.)

Courtesy Runner

* Any two players may be designated (before the game) to have courtesy runners in the event the designated players reach base. The replacement runner can be one of the following :

a) player who made the last batted out

b) player who is not currently in the game offensively. In this case, the courtesy runner is not considered a part of the batting lineup . He may enter the game in any batting position in any inning except an inning in which he has run ; once he enters the game, he is no longer eligible to courtesy run.

Stolen Bases

* 2 stolen base per inning. Pitchers must go from the stretch. If the pitcher goes from his windup, a runner may take the next base and it will not be considered a stolen base. A runner may take the next base if a ball winds up outside the batters box area and it will not be considered a stolen base.


*Manager may choose (before the game) to have a batting order of anywhere from 9 to 18 batting positions. Once that decision is made he may not add or subtract to that beginning number once lineups are exchanged

*Unlimited re-entry of offensive players is permitted. (Batters must re-enter each time in their original position in the batting order.)

*13 run rule after 5 innings ; 10 runs after 6 innings

*A team may begin the game game with 8 players. An automatic out occurs each time that player's slot comes up to bat. Upon arrival, the 9th player may take his spot in the order with no penalty.

*each manager must present their lineups on an official lineup card and include last names and jersey numbers


*1st time - ejected for the remainder of the game plus the following game

*2nd time - ejected for the remainder of the game plus the next 3 games

*3rd time - suspended for the reaminder of the season.

Umpires :

*Umpire fee is $55. Teams are required to pay one umpire per game before the game begins.

*If an umpire gets to the field and the game is postponed prior to beginning of play, umpire shall receive one-half pay ($27.50)

*If a game is started and does not become official (4 1/2 or 5 innings), umpires shall receive one-half pay ($27.50)

*If only one umpire appears for a game that umpire must be paid one and one-half the regular rate. ($82.50)


the procedure for rescheduling a rainout is the following :

*Look at the schedule and see what dates/times are open (
you do not need to contact Justin to see if a date is available ; if a date is open, it means it is free to reschedule a game)

*Contact the other coach and agree to a date and time that is available (when rescheduling you must stick to the normal time slots for games (6 or 8:30 weekdays ; 9-12-3-6 saturday ; 1-4-7 sunday).

*If you choose a date where there is a 6:30 game scheduled, you must contact the teams involved and give them the option of playing at 6 or 8:30.

*Once both teams agree to a date, contact Justin and he will update the website to reflect the change asap.
The next call is to Tom McDonald so he can get umpires.

*the process of rescheduling a game must happen within 7 days of the rainout. If Justin does not hear anything within 7 days of the rained out game, it will automatically be scheduled on the first available date/time of one of the designated makeup days/weekends. (there will be a minimum of 2 weeks between the rainout and makeup date if it is assigned by Justin so teams have enough notice). Also, if after 7 days, one team is making an effort to reschedule and one isn't, then the team making the effort can pick the date.

Field Responsibility

*The home team is responsible for the field before the game (lining, bases, etc)

*The visiting team is responsible for the field after the game (raking field, covering it, etc)


*we do not have time limits for games unless there is a game afterwards.

*in that case, no inning may start 15 minutes before the start of the next game

*Stumpf Field curfew : No inning will start after 10:45 pm.

*McCaskey curfew : No inning will start after 9:30 pm ; No game to be played after Aug 10.

Tie Breakers

1. head to head

2 .division record (if all teams in same division)
3. least runs given up
4. highest run differencial
5. coin flip

Playoff INFO

*For doubleheaders : first game goes until it's finished. No time limit  

*any game rained out goes to next available day where there are no games scheduled.

*all games must go the full 7 innings. If a game is suspended for any reason, it gets picked up from exact point it was left, regardless of inning 

*please review the courtesy runner rules before your games start